stones_smDelible words, ephemeral images…

Poetry: A Space where words + images + imaginations meet <> collide <> coalesce creating meaning that can be at once personal and sublime.

A sample of my writing can be found below. More poems are available at http://poetry.frank-ed.com. (Contact me for the password to access this page.)


Ningbo, Zhejiang China – 19 July 2020


Illinois (2020)


San Gabriel, California (2009)


Ars Poetica

My poem is rain gathered in pools

At the foot of the Tian Shan Mountains,
Palely reflecting the naked sky.
It is an ancient stone-shaped mountain stream
Carelessly careening to a cataract
Unseen below but heard.
My poem is eternal sea,
Ceaseless in its hidden rhythms
Restless across untrammeled depths.
My verse, a  single dew drop on autumn leaf
Brightly facing frozen future,
Bending the morning light.


Pasadena, California

29 December 2010

Beijing Sunrise (a tanka)


Mist hides autumn dawn
In the distance, a crane rises
To build the next floor
Bicycle, voice, and bus sounds
Sink with my longjing tea leaves


Beijing, China

23 October 2007

Bajo el Sol


Bajo el so hay dos lugares
Lugares lejos, pero no lejos
Donde la arena toca al mar
Y donde dos montañas distantes
les saludan entre el pasar de nubles

Bajo el sol hay dos lugares
Uno real, y el otro oscuro
que solamente se reunen al anochecer
cuando llega el tiempo de sueños

Hay dos lugares bajo el sol
Perdidos en las sombras de memorias


Pasadena, California

el 13 de junio 1996