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Language fascinates me. That language can at once be artistic, powerful, and expressive, that it can create (or destroy) worlds, be both servant and master reveals to me a rich aspect of our shared humanity. Learning, studying, teaching, and using languages is for me a hobby, an avocation, and a joy.




Language Teaching & Curriculum

  • STARTALK – Content-based language instruction for Chinese language school teachers.


  • Beijing Language and Culture University – Chinese language materials development.
  • Special programs for visiting Chinese language teachers at Pasadena City College.
  • Azusa Pacific University, Field-based MATESOL Program for MATESOL students in Asia
  • Materials development for Chinese scientists
  • Alhambra (Califorinia) High School Academy of Bilingual Pedagogy Advisory Committee.
  • UCLA-Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School intensive English language program (funded by the Ford Foundation)
   Language Competencies
  • Spanish:  Advanced spoken and written proficiency
  • Mandarin:  Intermediate spoken and written proficiency
  • Swedish, German: Low beginning proficiency